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  • Welcome to oMail-admin v. 1.2 !

  • This is a kind of "splash screen". To turn it off, a little simple thing :

    • Make sure that the $sysadmin_mail variable in config.php is set to something else than sysadmin@notdefined.yet (it's better your karma :-) : ok

  • I would be glad if you could take a few seconds to fill up this form : it would greatly
    help me improve the scripts, and see how many and which kind of people are using it.
    Thanks in advance for your support!

    All fields are of course completely optional. It's up to you :) I will keep these infos private in any case (no spam).

    Please don't fill this form again, if you already done that before.
    And if you don't want to fill it, please don't submit it with junk informations :
    to remove it please simply read the two steps a few lines higher. Merci :)
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